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Aaron Stanton

Chief Gatherer @ VR Caretakers

Aaron is an Investor and Mentor for various groups, Director of VR Health Institute, Executive Producer of QuiVr, and Board Member for SpringboardVR.

Aaron is a mentor and investor in the VR industry, and the founder and director of the VR Health Institute. Previously, he was founder and CEO of BookLamp, a technology-based book analysis platform that was sold to Apple in 2014.

In addition, Aaron is also the Chief Gatherer at VR Caretakers, Executive Producer of QuiVr (currently a top 20 multiplayer game on SteamVR), and sits on the Board of Directors for SpringboardVR, the largest distribution network of content for VR Arcades in North America.

Aaron has had the honor of speaking on technology disruption, gaming, and start-ups in places like London, New York, Hong Kong, Germany, Japan, and Denmark, as well as institutions like Stanford University. His work has been profiled by CNN, Mashable, TechCrunch, FastCompany, Popular Science, Macworld, Wired Magazine, CNET, Gigaom, ZDNET, PC World Magazine, NPR, the Huffington Post, the Seattle Times, ABC News, and others.