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Arash Keshmirian

Co-founder & CEO @ LIMBIC

Arash Keshmirian is co-founder and CEO of Limbic, an independent mobile game development company with over 60 million game downloads worldwide. His team is credited with the design and development of three critically-acclaimed hit mobile franchises: TowerMadness, Nuts!, and Zombie Gunship. Arash is a frequent industry speaker and enjoys sharing his love for quality game design and compassionate monetization.

Arash has direct experience in several early-stage startup environments, with a broad range of skills in bootstrapping pre-money corporations towards finding early profitability, developing marketing and sales strategies, as well as managing the design and development of core technology.

Limbic's most recent release, Zombie Gunship Revenant AR, is one of the highest-rated and most successful AR games on the App Store, powered by ARKit. It was awarded one of the "Best iPhone Games of 2017" by Apple.

In his spare time, Arash enjoys travel, flying airplanes, racing cars, and serving on the Board of ArtPoint, for the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco.