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Bob Koch

Executive Creative Producer @ Waygate VR

For 20 + years, Bob has been working in the entertainment and agency industry in a wide range of production environments; feature animated films, television, Pharma 3D visualizations, AAA gaming/ interactive/mobile, Virtual Reality, theme parks, work for hire studios and outsourcing vendors.

His skills and abilities cover a wide range of production attributes which include: producing, directing, creative direction, art direction, animation direction/supervision (features and games), cinematics, motion capture, concept/character design, storyboards, layout, script writing (television and features), game design, advertising/marketing, and audio animatronics animation. He also has deep experience in the development of studio pipelines, workflows, standards and best practices, tools (linear and real-time animation systems) and various RnD projects.

Bob acquired his education in ‘Traditional’ 2D Character Animation from CalArts (85-89) and has been working in the industry ever since. He began working in the CG industry 1996 where he was trained as a 3D animator and Shorts Director at Pixar Animation Studios.

Bob has recently been perusing his fine art interests with various gallery showings of his work in the Bay Area and Reno, NV. He currently sells his work online and does commission work as well.