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Julian Reyes

Founder & CEO @ Keyframe-Entertainment

Julian Reyes’s experience reflects a lifelong dialogue with computer graphics, film, music, and technology. Julian formed the company Keyframe-Entertainment in 2004 with the mission to bridge underground Electronic Music Culture and the mainstream through various modes of Transformational Media.

Julian Reyes was trained as a 3D animator, worked in Design and Marketing for many years with companies such as Flip Video, Cisco, Spring Studios, and Jacobs Associates.

Julian has since worked as an Artist Manager, Event/Festival Promoter, Creative Director, and Executive Producer. He is the Executive Producer of the film “Electronic Awakening”, “The Bloom Series” Episode 3, and the “ReInhabiting the Village” book project. Past accomplishments also include managing film screening campaigns of over 200 venues worldwide and joining the Electronic Music Alliance‘s Board of Directors.

Julian is also Producer of “Alchemistas – Beyond the Veil”, an unprecedented collection of 55 of the World’s Best and Emerging Visionary Artists. Most recently, Julian Executive Produced “Con Te Damanhur”, a Virtual 360° experience of a secluded eco-village in Italy, and is currently working on various 360 video and VR projects.