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Mike Rogers

President @ The Revenue Group

Mike Rogers is an experienced tech executive in the Silicon Valley. Mike is the President of The Revenue Group, helping software companies around the world accelerate their potential in the quickest time frame possible with strategic partnerships and marketing services. Mike is also the creator of "More Than a Pitchdeck - The Virtual Accelerator", an online program designed to help early stage companies who may be struggling with getting financing to help them understand what a VC is looking for and how to present their company in a way that a VC understands. Mike is an Operating Partner at Sway Ventures and a Managing Director of Nex Cubed, an accelerator and advisory service provider.

Mike knows how to present your company to potential investors and how not to. He has purchased 10 companies, sold 4, invested in 3, and has evaluated 100s of others. Mike's years as the Head of Corporate Development for 4 software firms trained him to look at companies the way an acquirer does - by looking for inefficiencies, and he uses this knowledge to help build fundamentally sound companies.