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Nick Haase

Founder @ WokeIQ

Nick is passionate about future technologies and understanding how businesses and society will evolve in the new world. From virtual/augmented reality, computer vision, blockchain, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, robotics and more - Nick stays ahead of the trends to develop strategy and new innovation paths for startups and Fortune 500 companies alike.

Nick is a 3x entrepreneur having built an AdTech company, an eCommerce company and a medical device company. He has worked with executive teams from 3 major automotive clients, a captive finance company, an enterprise software company and 3 media companies in the past 12 months position themselves for future success. He has also leveraged his e-commerce experience to develop high level marketing strategies and designed marketing funnels for several startups and companies - leading his latest client to launch a product to more than $1MM in ARR in less than 4 months. Nick has also advised 2 ICOs through successful fundraises and has been involved in blockchain for the past 4 years.