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Robert Scoble

Founder @

Scoble gives you a front-row seat on the future.

Literally, he had the first ride in the first Tesla. Siri was launched in his house. He's been the first to share all sorts of technologies and companies with you, from Flipboard to Pandora to Instagram.

Today he's focusing on the disruptive changes coming in the 2020s. Everything from self-driving cars, cryptocurrencies, smart cities, IoT, to mixed reality glasses that will do both AR and VR.

That's based on his view thanks to his past experience as futurist at Rackspace.

The best place to find Scoble is on his Facebook profile.

He has been a technology blogger since 2000, was one of five people who built Microsoft's Channel 9 video blog/community, worked at Fast Company Magazine running its TV efforts, and has been part of technology media businesses since 1993.