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Wally Nguyen

CEO @ mNectar

Wally Nguyen has built $15-100M revenue run rates across 12 years of experience as CEO, SVP, VP, and Board Director with bootstrapped and venture capital funded companies.

Wally pioneered App Streaming and Playable Ads for the mobile ecosystem as CEO of mNectar, where he raised $10M in venture capital to drive development and adoption. He oversaw all business operations at Pocket Change as SVP Business Development. Before that, he built revenues to $100M as VP Sales at Super Rewards and led the company through its acquisition by Adknowledge. He developed his leadership skills at software and service companies including EdgeCast (acquired by Verizon) and Panther CDN (acquired by CDNetworks). Wally is an obsessed comic book collector, amassing over 8,000 issues including the original Uncanny X-Men # 1. His personal hero is Jim Lee and he wants to grow up to be Batman.